humaninkstain: (Axel - Huh)
take my heart and destroy this planet ([personal profile] humaninkstain) wrote2012-04-21 06:36 pm

wah da faq

I swear, everytime I fall asleep. There's a bunch of crazy ass dreams waiting to pounce on me.

Yesterday: I can't remember.
Today: Zombies attacking my home.
Tomorrow: Who knows.

In other news: writer's block still here. unpleasant headaches rampant. Though I'm in the mood for a Kingdom Hearts RP, nothing major, just small because Axel keeps speaking to me. He wants a Namine along for the ride since that's my KH OTP. Also, watching a walkthrough for 385 days, Axel over uses Got it memorized. I kinda want to slap him a little.