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Your Muse: Kara Danvers/Zor-El
Muse wanted: Anyone from Supergirl/Legends of tomorrow/The Flash/Arrow/DC Universe
Community: sixwordstories, wayswithwords, PSL
Fandom: Supergirl
Canon or AU: Both
Medium: Television Series
Contact via: Here or PM.

Anyone from the DC universe would be great but I'm also open to the Marvel Universe, crossovers or AU's.
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Your Muse: Mordred Deschain
Muse wanted: Any Stephen King creation
Community: SWS, WWW or journals
Fandom: Dark Tower
Canon or AU: Near-canon or family AU
Medium: Book
Contact via: PM or here

I tend to have a Mordred who either gave up the Tower and both his fathers or who never killed Mia in the first place and was thus a true member of the ka-tet. (Or one who died but lived. There are other worlds than these, and Mordred was born inside the cycle anyway. Perhaps he simply popped into existence once it was time for him to be.)

I haven't watched the new movie, there's no way it could do the books justice, but movie characters are better than nothing and there are bedamned few TDT muses around.
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Your Muse: Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin
Muse wanted: Ed Nygma
Community: bakerstreet, psls, open posts
Fandom: Gotham
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: PMing this account, please!

A painfully narrow search (sorry for that) but I'm just dying to get back into the groove of threading steady with an Ed Nygma from Gotham, esp. in light of developments in this latest season. I'm open to both gen and smut, favouring prose over brackets (though I can totally do the latter.) Whether Ed n' Oswald are pals, partners in crime, doing the mayor/chief-of-staff thing, lovers (a what-if scenario), some of the above, or all of the above, basically what I love most is how hilariously petty, emotionally stunted, and jerkish these guys can be even at the best of times. I also like the idea of exploring slightly weirder 'what ifs' from time to time, like body-swapping or seeing how Oswald would handle being a vampire in an otherwise perfectly 'normal' Gotham city. But seriously. Bring on the angst and/or humour!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested - thanks!


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